ZipGrip® is a patented system to allow the installation of a pulling or holdback eye on various cylindrical or nearly cylindrical substrates. These units were primarily developed for use in the o­shore pipe lay and umbilical installation and maintenance arena.

Yale Cordage started manufacturing our line of YaleGrips synthetic pulling and stopping grips more than 20-years ago, and they have been used successfully worldwide for the deployment of umbilicals, hard pipes, flex cables and armoured cables. Our ZipGrip® design is based on the same successful platform, and it utilizes the Aramid grip stock in a new design, which not only decreases the overall grip length by approximately 75%, but also significantly increases the working load and distributes the compressive forces, preventing damage to the pipe’s outer layers.

ZipGrip® lengths when installed are approximately 1/3 of the installed length of our time-tested YaleGrips product. As a guideline, the installed length is 19 times the pipe diameter.

Example pipe: 170 mm = 3,230 mm installed length.

ZipGrips® are very fast to install and even faster to remove. Install times are generally 10%–20% of a similar working load and diameter YaleGrips. They also require less application space because you are not dealing with extremely long tails. The installation zone needed is only about 10% longer than the installed length.

ZipGrips® can be installed on a coiled pipe or umbilical. No need to fully straighten it prior to installation.

Construction: Standard product is made with Technora®. Technora® Aramid fiber is high strength, low stretch, heat resistant and lightweight.

Installation/Removal: Quick and easy to install and remove; temporary or permanent; install at any point along the pipeline.

Uses: Pipe lay install or holdback; umbilical install or holdback; pipeline catenary oat attachment.

Each ZipGrip is manufactured to order - please enquire regarding current lead times.

In order to quote for the correct size ZipGrip we will require the following information:

  • Application the ZipGrip is required for
  • Size of Cable/Pipe it is to secure to - Please note the Minimum Cable Diameter at the given work load for ZipGrips is 64mm - ZipGrips cannot be fitted to products under 64mm - Refer to YaleGrips to resolve this situation
  • Anticipated Loads during use
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