C.A.M.P. SpA and Fletcher Stewart Ltd. are pleased to announce their new partnership for distributing C.A.M.P. arborist products in the UK. From September 2023, Fletcher Stewart (Stockport) Ltd located in Stockport (Cheshire) will be the UK distributor for the Italian brand C.A.M.P., located in Premana, northern Italy.

The new distribution agreement follows a series of meetings that took place in both Italy and the UK. Through numerous discussions the two companies have secured a mutual understanding and knowledge and found common ground allowing them to pave the way towards a collaboration that C.A.M.P. and Fletcher Stewart deem equally trustworthy. From September, Fletcher Stewart will have UK distribution of C.A.M.P. with a stocked range of products dedicated to arboriculture.

Arborists require specific products and use unique techniques that minimise the risks incurred when undertaking work involved in arboriculture. The C.A.M.P. product range that will be offered by Fletcher Stewart combines the safety demands of working at height with those specific to arboriculture.

C.A.M.P. was founded by Nicola Codega in 1889 and later developed by his sons and nephews. The Italian firm is currently managed by the fourth generation of the Codega family boasting solid roots and an almost matchless tradition. The company over its 135 years has always given great importance and attention to developing innovative products which are now sold in over 80 countries around the world.

Fletcher Stewart was founded in 1967 and, like C.A.M.P., is family-run. A UK leader in the distribution of brands dedicated to arboriculture, Fletcher Stewart takes pride in servicing their clients’ needs, their knowledge of the market and the associated safety standards. They place huge importance on the quality of the products they distribute aiming to guarantee the best for their customers. Quality and innovation are mutual goals that have cemented the new working partnership with C.A.M.P., whose basic modus operandi is equal to theirs.

Both C.A.M.P. and Fletcher Stewart are very proud to announce this new partnership with a strong focus on supplying the UK arboriculture market with the excellent range of products C.A.M.P. have to offer – with plenty more yet to come!

C.A.M.P. would like to invite our clients to contact Fletcher Stewart to discuss their requirements and we thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

August 2023

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